Robertus Coleman


Ms. Coleman has been in my life ever since I can remember. She is always filled with excitement and joy. As she was talking, I could see her eyes bolden when she was speaking. Ms. Coleman is a kindhearted person who’s filled with positive vibes.  She talked about how she came from Alabama and her goal was to make the community similar to how it is now: a calm peaceful place.


She is extremely motivated and tries her hardest to do what she can do to make the community a productive place. As the TA president, she has a lot of responsibility on her hands which she handles well. Even some of the other elders that were included in this program, look up to her as a role model.


She currently lives in apartment 211 and is healthy for her age. When she was younger she didn’t drink, nor use profanity which many teenagers/kids do now. She came up from the bottom, through hard times, and looked up to her mom because she was spiritual. Now it has rubbed off on her. She wants to make sure she’s remembered for the impact she has made.


Transitioning from across the street was a blessing to Ms. Coleman because her previous apartment was much smaller and she had rats. She said the pictures in the lobby make her feel at home, and little does she know her picture is going to be in the building across the street along with the other elders. I think she’d like to hear that. It could put a big smile on her face.


Ms. Coleman feels like African Americans have been in Harlem since its beginnings, but now it is being taken over. It reminds her of days of segregation, which is why she said she wants younger people to make a difference and be a part of their community (Words of the Wiser).  As the neighborhood is continually more integrated, those that have been here for a long time are not allowed to have block parties anymore. However, they make sure they still have block trips, such as to Dorney Park. Ms. Coleman wants people to follow in her footsteps and continue improving the development of this neighborhood. Ms. Coleman believes there’s an area of improvement that everyone has room for in their personality and that we should all strive to be the best person we can possibly be.