Pierre Amazon


Pierre Amazon was born March 19, 1942, in Haiti. He has lived on this block for 30 years. He moved here when his son was 2 and his daughter was 4.  He worked for the Housing Department in the cleaning department and was an excellent worker. Everyone liked and respected him and his children never got into trouble.

His children graduated from high school and college. His daughter got married and has her own child who is now 12 years old. Mr. Amazon had a serious stroke and ended up in the hospital for a long time but. happily, he is now well now and healthy.



His wife, Mrs. Amazon, appreciates that this building has elevators because she lived on the 5th floor walk-up across the street. They all believe that where they live now is a much better place.  A great benefit is that laundry is so much easier since it is available in the building. Much better than carrying it up five flights! In their years of living here, they have had a wonderful time on the block.