Elizabeth Williams


Coming from a town named Blackville located in South Carolina, came a strong independent woman with lots of energy named Elizabeth Williams.


She looked up to her mother and grandmother because they were positive role models and that influenced her to be the same way. She came to NYC at the age of 13 when her grandmother died and has been here ever since. She is appreciative of everything given to in her life and during Christmas, but says that kids today aren’t appreciative of anything, they just want more than they already get.


Throughout the years, Elizabeth has become more confident and talkative. She enjoyed being young, but she also enjoys how much she’s improved through the years. Ms. Williams is wise and not that old and has a lot ahead of her.  


Her dream job was nursing. Unfortunately, she didn’t become a nurse, but she’s still successful in many other ways. For example, she takes care of many kids that are sometimes not even related to her. That’s not as easy as you may think, because she cares for the younger kids and they like to run around and do the complete opposite of what you tell them.

She wants everyone to come together as a community and stay together. When new families join the community, she wants them to know the history of Randolph and how it came about because. Randolph has been through many of up and downs.